The lighting and air conditioning devices are controlled by means of sensors sensitive to movement.


Automatic control of devices is ensured by means of daily, weekly monthly or custom developed schedules.


Both indoor and outdoor lighting requirements can be managed by means of daylight related controls.


Standard lighting fixtures can now be managed in line/group basis by means of switching modules.


Heating/cooling monitoring and management is in your hands thanks to the fancoil control units.


The monitoring and control functions are managed centrally in a convenient manner and with speed over architectural visuals.


You can monitor and manage your lighting fixtures of dimmable and addressable nature.


You can control your curtains/blinds and/or sunshades according to the daylight, time of the day over a central monitoring system.


Reports the battery testing and error status of the emergency lighting fixtures available in the facility.


Provides instant warnings over SMS and e-mail and saves time in special situations where the establishment is required to respond promptly.

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули

DA100 KNX-DALI Gateway

• Device parameters can be configured via ETS3/ETS4/ETS5

• DA100 KNX-DALI interface operates as a DALI-IEC 62386 standard compliant gateway between KNX line and DALI. DALI line power supply is available as integrated to the device.

• Maximum of 64 DALI devices can be connected to DALI outlet(electronic ballast, LED drive, ECK, sensor).

• The operations such as addressing, grouping, etc. of DALI devices are performed by means of Windows based DALI commissioning software (EAE DALI Commissioning Tool).

• DA100 provides the means for the recording of 16 DALI Group controls and 64 different lighting scenes.

• Each DALI group could be operated with fixed light, corridor and sequence functions.

• The functional and battery testing calendars are loaded on to DALI compliant emergency lighting fixtures to ensure that periodic tests are conducted. The results of the tests conducted are relayed over KNX line.

• DA100 can use up to 8 DALI sensors. Sensors can operate the corridor and fixed lighting functions over DALI Groups. It is possible to relay movement information and brightness value to KNX line.

• The error status of DALI devices can be received by means of different KNX communication objects on device and group basis.

• Intersecting DALI groups can be created.

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули

SW108 Switch Actuator

• Possesses 8 independent channels that could be configured by means of ETS3/ETS4/ETS5.

• In addition to switching fluorescent lamps according to EN 60 669 standard it can also perform the switching of resistive and inductive loads. (16A-20AX/C-Load).

• Each channel can be controlled manually on the device.

• Does not need an external power supply

• The current on/off situations can be arranged by means of ETS parameters.

• The following functions can be defined separately for each channel:

-Stair function

-External logic

-Internal logic

-Priority function

-Threshold function

-Transaction time

-Sweeping function

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули 

UI108 Universal Interface

• 8 functional input channels that could be adjusted by means of ETS3/ETS4/ETS5.

• Easy connection with colored connection cables.

• Use by means of conventional switches/buttons upon installation in flush mounted switch boxes.

• Means for including the devices reporting dry contact information, in KNX line.

• The channels are identical with each being in possession of the following functions:



-Curtain control

-Value and priority information relay

-Scene control

-Pulse counter

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули 

PD100 KNX Presence Detector

• PD100 movement sensor is ideal for indoor use such as in medium and large scale office spaces, conference halls, corridors, classrooms, parking garages. It comes in two models; flush-mounted and surface-mounted. It can detect movements at 2.5 m assembly height in a diameter of 9 m.

• Thanks to the integrated light level sensor and movement sensor it can implement fixed light function depending on the presence of a movement. The current level of ambient light is compared to the lux level desired to ensure the appropriate level of illumination in the area concerned.

• By means of the corridor function, different levels of brightness can be arranged for the states of; “Movement”, “After Movement”, and “No Movement”. The duration of light projection after the movement can be adjusted by the user.

• Other than the control of the lighting level, it would also be possible to control the air conditioning and ventilation through HVAC.

• It is possible to send periodic information of different communication object by means of the independent movement monitoring channel. This could be used in movement monitoring applications.

• It can operate in parallel connection with other sensors either on standalone or master-slave basis depending on application requirements.

• Based on the state of use of the external controls (button, switch, other sensors, etc.) full or semi automatic operating modes could be set-up.

• Test and calibration modes are convenient during installation.

• Does not need external feed as it receives its feed over KNX line

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули 


• EAE KNX IP router may be used as line or backbone coupler and ensures data connection between KNXnet/IP on top and TP KNX bus line at bottom. Moreover it also ensures electrical insulation between the linked lines.

• EAE KNX IP router is a tunneling and routing device. It establishes ETS connection points to start-up and monitor lines with the IP router channeling protocol. (It also possible to simultaneously create 4 KNXnet/IP connections).

• The device makes it possible to connect to two different KNX installations, and ensures the transmission of telegrams between the local network and different lines.

• IP address of the device may be assigned by DHCP server or by manual configuration.

• It can either block or transmit the telegrams between KNX line and IP medium based on the settings in the device filter table.

• It is possible to close without reconfiguring the ETS parameters of filter table for quick diagnosis thanks to the button on the device.

• After the filter of the routing table and filter table ETS configurable time of the device expires, it may be automatically started up.

• The detailed information is shown with 6 LED in order to define the operating status.

EАЕ Автоматизация KNX Модули 

SBA104 – EAE-KNX SBA Shutter&Blind Actuator

● Shutter/Blind Actuator SBA104 is used to control blind, roller shutter, venetian blind and ventilation flaps.

● The device can be configured to have 4 AC drive channels(A, B, C, D) or 2 DC drive channels.(AB, CD)

● Each channel can be parameterized with ETS3/ETS4. Each channel can actualize any of following functions separately,

● Enable position/presets

● Enable automatic sun protection

● Weather alarm

● Forced position

● Thanks to travel detection feature no need for measuring travel time of rollers.

● Manual operation feature for each channel. After pushing manual button on the device, blinds can be controlled Up/Down.

● Manual operation buttons on device have their respective LEDs to ensure that they are pressed accurate.

● Changeable behavior after voltage return, voltage failure, ETS download.

EАЕ Автоматизация Софтуер

Hyperion Commissioning and Visualization Software


The visuals intended for monitoring and control are automatically developed from architectural CAD project file. It is possible to navigate on the visuals by means of “maximize-minimize” and “scroll right-left” functions.


HYPERION II is a web server rather than PC software. For this reason it can be fully functional on any device in possession of a web browser. There are no limitations on the number of the devices that could be connected to the server.


Can control addressable DALI compatible devices, manage illumination levels and relay fixture error information to the center in a detailed format.


Scheduled controls are conducted over a calendar sensitive to the days of the week as well as the special days.


Errors and failures (ballast, bulbs, dimmer, etc.) are displayed by using different colors and warnings on the architectural visuals. The warnings can be relayed to the registered users in e-mail and SMS format. Each and every alarm and warning is recorded.


Battery status checks and functional tests are conducted and reported based on an automatic testing calendar without any manual intervention from maintenance personnel.


Similar to the lighting fixtures, curtains and blinds can also be enabled and controlled over visuals as related data is read from architectural CAD project.


Authorizations for “Commissioning”, “control” and “monitoring” among the users registered in the system are possible. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to assign different access levels to different users to ensure system security.

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